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Not just your favorite local spot but an unforgettable destination point

Our History

Founded in 1874 The Switch Inn was one of the several railroad hotels built by the Erie Railroad Station. It is also the oldest operating bar and restaurant in Orange County with owners, Big Ron and Josie Longstreet running the Inn since 2010.

The Home of the Heritage Trail

The Switch Inn is a great starting point to start or end your journey on the famous Heritage Trail, The 10-foot wide trail on the right-of-way of the former Erie Railroad. The trail extends from the City of Middletown to the Village of Harriman. It features sections of both asphalt and limestone surface. The current 14 mile trail winds through a bird/wildlife sanctuary, historic landmarks, murmuring streams, rolling meadows and friendly communities. Trail users may enjoy biking, walking, rollerblading, nature study as well as shopping and dining in the local villages. Access points are, The Switch Inn in Middletown, Monroe, Chester and Goshen, all with convenient parking.

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The Switch Inn

126 East Main Street, Middletown, New York 10940    Phone: (845) 341-1347